A User Guide to Pack & Move a Piano Safely

A successful move is challenging as there are a lot of tedious tasks involved.  More so if you have expensive furniture to move like a piano. 

It has emotional value for you and thus should be handled with care while shifting.  A minor slip here and there is all it takes to damage the piano you’ve treasured for years.

The best decision you could take, consult an experienced moving company that has expertise in packing and moving heavy stuff like a piano. Visit this website to find all the help to move your piano. 

This guide helps you to move your piano so that it reaches the destination without a scratch. 

#1 Step: Strategic Plan

Maneuvering your piano is no walk in the park. Prepare a solid plan that will make the process of moving piano easy-peasy.

Your plan should include hiring top movers and packers in Sydney or doing it all by yourself. 

Weigh both the options and figure out what works for you.  There are more things and you should make a to-do list to manage everything. 

#2 Step: Measure

The size of your piano matters. It determines how big the truck should be to transport the piano from one location to another. 

Also, measure if the piano fits through the doorways. Make sure you check the height, width & depth of the piano. 

Inspect whether the piano can move along the door frames, hallways and staircases. 

Generally, the dimensions of a standard piano are the height of 110 to 135cm, depth of 60cm, and width of about 150 cm. 

#3 Step: Map Out a Path

It is a good idea to map out a proper plan on how the piano would be lifted and installed in the new house. 

In some scenarios, you may be required to remove the main door from its jambs to provide more clearance space for easy movement of the piano. 

If there are stairs in the way, ensure there is enough room to manoeuvre, else, you have to discuss with your mover how to safely move the piano out of your house. 

Get a ramp that can bear the weight of the piano for moving up and down the stairs. 

#4 Step: Getting the Necessary Packing Supplies

Now, when you have a plan for transporting your piano, it is of paramount importance to purchase all the required packing supplies. 

Moving a piano requires more than a tape and box. You will need the following packing supplies:-

  • Furniture Pads & Moving Blankets: These are required for protecting the piano when in transit. 
  • Piano Dollies: The kind of dolly you need depends upon the kind of piano you want to move.
  • Stair Ramp: In case you are moving the piano up and down the stairs. 
  • Tie-Down Straps: To keep the piano in position when in transit.  
  • Packing Tape: Secure the piano with high-quality tape.
  • Work Gloves: Protect your hands and have extra grip when maneuvering the piano.

Hire a reliable moving company that has packing supplies and equipment to ensure your piano is safely transported from one location to another. Visit https://www.cbdmovers.com.au/removals/removalists-melbourne/ and find out about their piano packing supplies. 

#5 Step: The Moving Day

With a solid plan in place and all the necessary supplies obtained, now it’s time to move the piano. Make sure you inspect the pathway that you have mapped out in the earlier step. 

Double-check if the pathway is clear and the doors are wide-open/ or off the jambs. 

Do not forget to lay the floor protection, otherwise, you and your professional movers will end up damaging the hardwood floor or carpet while moving the piano. 

#6 Step: Use Proper Lifting Techniques

The last thing you wish on a moving day is injuring yourself or someone in the family. 

Even though the piano is bulky, with strategic lifting techniques one can avoid injuries. 

  • Maintain a wide base of support
  • Next, you have to squat, bending only at the knees and hips
  • Maintain a good posture
  • Slowly lift the piano by straightening your knees and hips
  • Hold the piano close to you
  • Never twist or turn your body while holding the piano

Lifting the piano is not one man’s job. Approach the best removalists on the Gold Coast to make the piano-moving process easier for you. 

#7 Step: Loading the Piano onto the Truck

Being bulky, the piano must be the first item that must be loaded onto the truck. Once the piano is in the truck, then strap the piano with tie-down straps. 

This will keep the piano in position even when the truck is moving on a bumpy road.

#8 Step: Seek Professional Help

Moving a piano yourself is both time-consuming and complicated.

So make sure you zero down on the best removalists in Perth for transporting piano from your old home to a new one.

Make sure they are licensed & insured. Then, rest assured your piano is in good hands and nothing to worry about.